Long Arm Quilting Services

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We are thrilled to annouce we now offer Long-Arm Edge to Edge (Pantograph) Quilting In-store on our Bernina Q24 with Q-matic

All of our prices include the cost of thread using Aurifil 50wt

Minimum charge $70 per Quilt.

We also offer a basting service.

How to prepare your quilt for quilting.

1. Make sure that your backing and batting are at least 5 inches wider and longer, on all sides around your quilt top.

2. Please ensure your top and backing fabric are square (straight edges and 90 degrees corners) and that it sits flat.

3. If you have any joins in your backing fabric, please remove selvedge before sewing, make seams 1.5cm or 5/8 inches wide and press open so the seams are nice and flat.

4. Clearly mark the “Top” of your quilt if it is directional or you have a preference, this also applies to your backing fabric.

5. Check that you have cut back any loose threads on the front and back (threads that are left on can often show through lighter fabrics)

6. Please ensure that you quilt top and backing fabric is ironed and folded gently to minimize creasing

7. Lastly please do not bring your quilt in pinned or basted

Things to note:

We cannot guarantee centre placement of double-sided quilts or pieced backs.

Extra charges could incur for additional preparation time prior to the quilt being loaded to the machine e.g. Ironing or trimming and straightening back fabric

Price can vary depending on the complexity and density of the quilting pattern chosen.

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