Clover Pins

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Fork Pins- These very fine fork pins make matching seams easy as you can pin either side of your seam with one movement - brilliant for quilting or dressmaking!

Patchwork Pins- The needle head is small and the tip is sharp. the head is made of iron-proof glass making it heat resistant. Comes in a handy re-closable case. 100 pins per case. Measurement: 0.5mm x 36mm.

Applique Pins- Short pins (2 cm) are perfect for small appliqué work.
It will not stick out since it is short.

Flower Head Pins- can hold multiple layers of fabric. The flat head is convenient for machine stitching. Head is not heat-resistant.

Silk Pins- Add these Clover Boxed Silk Pins to your sewing basket! Available in a pack of 100, these nifty pins are perfect for all your quilting and sewing needs. Avoid annoying pin marks in your fabric with these sleek pins! Perfect for use on thin fabric.

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