How to Master Perfect Topstitching Results Every Time
The Edgestitch Foot #10/10C/10D is my favourite foot so I can understand why it features as one of the most popular BERNINA presser feet. I use it for a variety of tasks, such as topstitching, creating tucks and attaching laces. It's a presser foot that's simple to use and improves your stitching results right away. You will never have straighter rows of topstitching than when you use this foot - you will be amazed at how much neater your stitching looks. It is also great for when you are edge-stitching a seam allowance to a facing or stitching in the ditch. Sewing accurately is made simple with foot #10, which ensures that edge-stitching is parallel to the garment edge. It is a must if you do Heirloom sewing as it stitches delicate laces together beautifully. If you are after uniformly sized tucks then this is the foot for the job. The secret to stitching with precision with Edgestitch Foot #10 is to follow the foot's center guide.
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